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Biology issue report: Acid rain

Uploaded by stars | Apr 24, 2005 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
Biology issue report.doc
Marker Comments:
First, let me put this reply into context. Relatively few people do the Salters syllabus and i have never actually marked one of these issue reports. However, i have used the mark specification from Excel, but this is sometimes a little vague and therefore my marks come with a health warning. I'm not sure about your 'two aspects of biology', aseffects and prevention of acid rain seem to me to be so closely linked that I think they may only represent one aspect. Within the area of acid rain, you could have studies the effects of released minerals and the direct effects of pH, for instance. The problem is that there really isn't much detailed biology in this essay, it tends to 'skim over' things. Just two examples - you say that "A deficiency in these nutrients can result in poor root and stem growth, posing a threat to future plant and forest growth. " What about some examples, and an explanation of WHY deficiencies have these effects? Also, you say "Reductions in soil pH can prevent the growth of germinating seeds and the growth of young seedlings" HOW? What is the mechanism of germination and how does pH affect it? These are only two examples - there are quite a lot of places where you make statements without explaining them. FOR IDENTIFYING AND DESCRIBING TWO ASPECTS OF BIOLOGY, I WOULD GIVE 2/4 ACCOUNT OF BIOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES - 6/12 I have already saud that i think the biology here is a bit 'light'. You are OK on the future developments bit. You appear to have used three or more sources but you have not really considered the validity of the information obtained or evaluated it in any way. COMMUNICATION 2 or 3/4 Spelling etc, is OK. Organisation is not at all bad but perhaps not good enough for the highest mark, and I would not say that you have really used your sources 'selectively'. I think it would be helpful to include a sort of 'summing up' or general review paragraph at the end.

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