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Uploaded by simi_m03 | Jan 10, 2005 | GCSE Level > Information Technology > Coursework
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This is a B/C border piece of work.

To get the a grade you need to deign some alternative data base structures and objects away from the application. This would be more easily achieved through hand drawn diagrams.

The remainder of your sections are excellent and will get great marks.

As a check list you need to cover these (and you have looked at nearly all of these areas

The system life cycle describes the processes that are taken during the development of a computer system. These steps are

IDENTIFY · Explain what the system is to achieve. · Produce a list of aims

ANALYSE · Identify the data that is input into the old system, · Described how it is processed, · Described how and what is output. DESIGN · Identify the data that is input into the new system · Described how it is processed Described how and what will be output.

IMPLEMENT Complete system with documents and files. · Start using new system. · Produce a User Guide so that users will be able to install and use your system successfully.

TEST Carry out all the tests on your test plan, · Note any errors on the printouts and in your test log, · Correct errors.

EVALUATE · Take each aim in turn, and discuss its success. · Suggest improvements that could be made in the future

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