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By referring to the text, show how Eddie Carbone brings his fate upon himself.

Uploaded by Jasmine_B | Apr 21, 2004 | GCSE Level > English > Coursework
Marker Comments:
This is a very mature response. It is detailed. focused and shows a good understanding of Eddie and what drives him. You explore the historical and social context of the lay and in the main this is related back to the question. You express yourself well and quotations are well-integrated. Take care with minor errors and note the suggestions below.


1. Eddie Carbone is the tragic protagonist of "A View from the Bridge." Eddie Carbone is a slightly overweight forty-year old longshoreman working in the New York docks and living in a slum near Brooklyn Bridge. [use 'He' rather than repeat' Eddie Carbone' in the second sentence]

2. dressed up?" this obsessive attention to Catherine's physical appearance is extremely [This]

3. woman hood [womanhood]

4. and behavior lead [behaviour] - you need to change your spell check to British rather than American English]

5. he'll loose her [lose her]

6. Carbones' that [no need for an apostrophe here as no possession is intended]

7. to incure the wrath [incur]

8. Eddie kisses Rodolfo on his lips to show how manly he is. [is this really the reason?]

9. While the illegal immigrants found a hospitable and protective Italian community in New York, things were not easy for them. Illegal immigrants were hunted by the Immigration Bureau, and lived with constant anxiety of being caught and deported. Many of these illegal immigrants sought work in the docks with their Italian-American cousins; but without legal protection and rights they were often exploited. Offending their co-workers, protesting labour conditions or even small personal grudges could result in a tip-off to the authorities, an end of their stay in America. [how does this relate to Eddie? - you provide context but it doesn't seem to have a strong relevance to the question].

Grade A (but still room for improvement)

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