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HI, i havwe just completed my foundation pogamme and i am goign to study in the University of Nottigham and going to take the International business management progamme in undergraduate but before that i have to fill up a form to apply it. I am having difficulkties to write the part of the personal statement , can you pls help me or give me some advice or outlines for my personal statement . THANKS!
Question: Beetroot
What kinda errors will occur during the beetroot experiment?
How could I make a good statement if I were to study a competitive course like Medicine? Any advice on what and what not I should include? Thank you. x

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what kind of problems solving do children have in role play
Hi, Is it true that you cannot apply to both Cambridge and LSE for ecomonics (in the same way as you have to choose either cambridge or oxford, but not both)? Are you at a disadvantage from applying to both or is this just a myth?
Question: Untitled
could you give me advice on what i should write about in my personal statement if i want to study computer science?
Hi I'm doing my UCAS personal statement... out of my 6 UCAS choice i choose do either Human resources or Marketing... but in my personal statement how should conclude, what i want to do? Should I just focus on Marketing or HRM… or both?.. please help Thanx
I now now study for the foundation in university in malaysia . my english i s not good especially in comunication . I still can remember that when during the enlish class , we are supposed to argue something regarding the about the women but when the dicussion begin , the other student manage to speak very well and fluently and give a lot of opinions . I just sit there and listen for them .I really dun no how to against their aggument . Since a lot of my class mates are from other countries , some of them are from Sri Lanka , India , UK , China and i am malaysian . They speak well ,they can easily speak up what they want to say and theit opinions as well , but for me i think i am quite difficult to argue , because when i have an idea , i need sometime to think how to argue with them , unlike other students they can express their view easily maybe they are good in english .This is the problem i face .Can u just tell me what can i do in order to improve my communication especially during the dicussion .I have make a lot of effrort on english like read newspaper , listen to news, and lot before a few months i came to study in this universities .But finally , i still cannot speak well in english , so what can i do , i really dissapointed .can u just telll me how can i improve it in qucik way , so that i am able to participate in english discussion .THANKS!
Hey, I'm applying to Uni to study Nursing (mental health) but I'm totally stuck with my personal statement. I'm 21 with an a-level in music and I'm currently studying for an a-level in Psychology by distance learning. I've got no idea how to start my personal statement or get all of the information I want to accross!! PLease help Thanks Siobhan
electrolysis of a molten metal chloride MCl3 using a current of 6.50 A for 1397 seconds deposits 1.41 g of the metal at the cathode. What is the metal?
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