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Does science always oppose religion ?
Hey,could u please help me answer this question "If science is true, Christianity must be wrong" Do you agree?, give reasons to support your answer, and show you have thought about different points of view. Any help on answering this question wud be a gr8 help ... thanks Dave :)
3. a) Explain the bible's concept of God's goodness b) "The bible's concept of God's goodness is weak" Discuss. This question seems quite tricky so I wonder if you ould ive me some advice on it. Thanks.

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"Arguments about the meaning of scriptures result in scriptures dividing believers rather than uniting them." Assess this view (10 marks) Any help on any of these essays wud be a gr8 help thnx. Dave
Question: World hunger
A, What do Christians teach about the causes of World Hunger?(for this question i need help in explaining what each one is and how it causes world hunger) (ii) Explain the biblical teaching they might use(for this question i need a lot of help in explaining the teachings of the parables and the biblical passages). B, Explain how Christians might respond to world Hunger(for this question i realy need help in understanding and explaining and describing the kinds of things Christians might do to prevent and stop world hunger and disease, i also need your help in explaining the work of organiations such as Christian Aid, Caritas and Cafod and other if any)
Explain why a believer might wish to interpret a passage of scripture symbolically rather than literally. (10 marks)
Question: Y11 Mock
I am in the process of preperaring for a GCSE Mock examination. Any advise with regard to revision would be much appreciated, whether it be subject-specific or just general guidelines on the best ideas and stratagies to follow in order to maximise the effectiveness of it. Many thanks
In all my RE answers to practice questions, I haven't put enough in about a Christian point of view. Is there an easy way to do this and still get the marks? thnx
"Some believers interpret scripture literally; others interpret scripture symbolically." Explain what this means and use examples from the Bible. (20 marks)
Hi, Can you please tell me where I can get answers for the following: AQA Papers for 2001 and 2002 Contemporary Issues - Option 2A- Effects of Christianity: Behavour, Attitudes and Lifestyles. Thank you
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