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(Could you please get back to me asap because i have an interim deadline for next week (monday 3rd) to get my plan done) Hi, im doing my GCSE Maths statistics coursework (Edexcel) on Mayfield High School Data. For children in KS3 and KS4, i have the following data: Year Group Surname Forename 1 Forename 2 Years Months Month of birth Gender Hair colour Eye colour Left/right handed? Favourite colour Favourite type of music Favourite sport Favourite subject Favourite TV programme Average number of hours TV watched per week IQ Height (m) Weight (kg) Distance Between Home and School Means of travel to school No of siblings No of pets KS2 Results English Maths Science I was wondering if you could tell me which line of investigation would be the best in terms of allowing me to show the most skills. I was considering doin height and weight or some similar continuous data. How would i go about writing an 'integrated' detailed hypothesis and what would i need to include in my plan and the project (especially in terms of statistical skills i.e. histograms etc to score highly? What is meant by the term 'regression analysis' and what is the formula i need to carry it out? Finally, are there any resources/sites which could help me with this coursework? Thank you so much for your help.
ive just started my GCSE statistics coursework. im at a grammer school and am doing higher tier maths. for my statistics coursework, we are provided with all the figures and info but i have to do sampling and only use a small amount of the data. i want to do height against weight but how do i do the sampling? also am i meant to use a range of graphs? thanx byeeeeeeeeee A
hello I am REALLY stuck on ideas for my GCSE statistics coursework task. My teacher gave us a sheet of random ideas and said we can use primary or secondary data, but I dont really understand! I am not at all sure where to begin looking for data or what sort of data I should be looking for. I do not understand what we will have to do with the data either once we have found it. I hope you can help me and suggest ideas for my coursework or useful websites to find ideas. Please help!!!!!!!! thanks janiex

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I sent in my GCSE Statistics Coursework questionnaire to be marked and had the following reply back: Grade Awarded: C Marker Comments: This questionnaire will give you 3 factors affecting birth weight - drinking, smoking and days early or late. 3 factors would normally be enough but you must be careful as two of your questions only have yes or no answers. To use this in an analysis is then difficult. Some examples of problems are how can you work out the mean average of yes and no answers? How would you plot a scatter diagram, cumulative frequency graph or any other diagram that allows you to gain at least a C grade? If you are taking the foundation tier this questionnaire is probably sufficient but for any grade higher than a D/E you will need more in your questionnaire. Think about the statistics techniques you have been taught. Most of them rely on you having numerical data. The information you need to collect needs to be numerical so you have the skills to analyse it. If you can't think of a way of writing more questions on your current topic you may need to think of a new topic. You could use some secondary data (information someone else has collected) from a website or library on a topic that interests you. Let me know if you need any more advice. Note from system: no grade assigned, defaulted to C grade. Here is my questionnaire, please could you give me some advice about what extra I could do to it... Braunton School and Community College GCSE Statistics Coursework Questionnaire The Length of Time A Baby Is In Its Mother’s Womb Affects Its Birth-Weight We would be grateful if you could fill in this questionnaire, as it will be used in GCSE Statistics coursework. All information will remain anonymous. Please circle the answer that best suits you 1. Have you got any children? Yes No 2. Was your eldest child born early? Yes (do question 3, skip question 4). No (do question 4, skip question 3). 3. How many days early was your eldest child? 0-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 4. How many days late was your eldest child? 0-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 5. Did you smoke whilst you were pregnant? Yes No 6. Did you drink alcohol whilst you were pregnant? Yes No 7. What was the weight of your eldest child when he/she was born? …………lb. …………kg. Thank you very much for filling in this questionnaire. Your time is appreciated. ...Thanks!
i'm doing an A-level statistics coursework that i want to be worthy of an 'A' grade- but i'm having trouble finding secondary dada that is vast and will enable me to make varied hypothesis and also use different statistical methods. i do not mind much about what the stats coursework would be about so far i can come up with data which will get me started! please help!!!! can u give me some web sites that contan data that i could use, and give me some pointers to get me started on my coursework- please i NEED an A in maths and this coursework is vital to that goal! help me get started!
i am doing my statistics coursework and have the hypothesis of 'year 11 are better at estimating lengths and angles than year 7' i have collected all of my data and have used stratified and random sampling and then used a stem and leaf diagram which helped me with my class boundaries and then i drew my box and whisker plots, my cummulative frquency diagrams and my histograms. i am now on my interpretation and am slightly stuck. i was just wondering what tips you could give me for this section, as i'm not sure what examiners would be looking for. Thanks!
I will be in year eleven when I go back to school this week and I am totally stuck on my statistics coursework. We only started statistics at the very end of last year and I don't feel as though I know enough to be able to do this coursework. There doesn't seem to be anything on the internet that will help me. What should I do?
Hiya I'm doing an A-level statistics coursework and wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could do for a statistics coursework! If you've got any old ones that you don't need plz contact me time is short! Thanx Jon
My statistics coursework in maths is about comparing shoe size and height. I need some guidelines of what to do after the plan . I supposed to cover histograms, scatter diagrams, y=mx + c graphs/lines and predictions. WHat should i do?
I have been asked to do a piece of statistics coursework on 'football' but that's all i have been told. I have no idea where to start! I am taking higher maths and need a good grade on my coursework as exams are not my strong point. If you could at least help me with the structure and some equations i could use i would be very grateful.
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