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Question: Exam Question
How would you answer the following questions. (a) There are a variety of sources from which and individual can obtain advice on a legal problem Describe any three of those sources. (10 marks) (b) Explain and assess the ways in which a civil court case can be financed. (20 marks) Thank you!
Question: ocr as law
any idea what is likely to come up in the police powers section (unit one) wen retaking it form january? Also are there any particular question styles i should be prepared for in unit two and three? (such as ' the merging of barristers and solicitors')
Hi :) We're now studying consideration and Im getting confused. Can doing your contractual duty amount to good consideration? And can you please explain why the judges decided Pao On v Lau Yiu Long as they did? I know the facts of the case roughly but am still confused about it. Thanks in advance :)

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Question: Exam Question
How would you answer the following questions: (b) Discuss the view that it is a positive feature of the English Legal System that judges are completly independant. (15 marks) Thank You!
Question: tort
Alan is a professional lorry driver.He was driving on the motorway just after dawn when he fell asleep.As a result his lorry crashed into a taxi that was broken down and was parked on the hard shoulder.Fortunatley the taxi driver bella was not injured as she was caling for help from an emergency phone some distance away.however her taxi was completly destroyed.alan was very fortunate not to be injured. Assuming alan is found liable in negligence to bella,explain how the courts would calculate the damages to be awarded to her.
Question: Contract Law
Can the reasoning in "Williams VS Roffey" be applied to a promise of part payment of a debt?
Hi i have a question about something i think i read some time ago and i cant seem to find that resource.So i thought maybe you could help me clarify it.Suppose 3 persons bought a house under a tenancy in common,presumably on equal shares.If one person subsequently paid off the full price of the house while the other 2 defaulted after paying only a small portion.Could the person who made the payment petition for full ownership of the house?Thanks..
Question: tort essay
i have been set a tort essay and i am stuck where to start During snowy weather in rural Yorkshire this winter Arthur’s car slid off a narrow road, tough the rear was left projecting over about half the road. Arthur left the car to seek assistance. His request was rejected by Ben at a farm half a mile away because Ben was watching the Big Match on television. While Arthur was away, Claude drove up and got stuck in a ditch while trying to squeeze past Arthur’s car. The two cars were immobilized not far from a bend, around which was a steep hill. Claude, thinking that there might be a danger to oncoming traffic, went round the bend to place a warning triangle. At that moment, Don, driving a van too fast for the conditions, came down the hill, could not stop and struck Claude, killing him. Don had taken the van without the consent of the owner, Eddie, and was uninsured Freda, Claude’s long-standing domestic partner, had remained in the car while Claude had gone out. A few minutes later Don told her there had been “a crash” and she fainted. When she awoke, the ambulance containing Claude’s body was driving off and Freda became hysterical and subsequently suffered a complete nervous breakdown. An autopsy showed Clause had been killed by the impact of the van but that he was suffering from an undiagnosed heart condition, which meant that there was a risk (about 30%) that he could have suffered a fatal heart attack at any time in the future. Discus the tort liabilities which may arise. im not sure where to begin, what authority to state there seems to be so many points of law any help would be greatly apreciated
Question: tort
Jenny had an argument with her boyfriend,David,which resulted in David throwing jenny down some steps.Jenny suffered a very badly broken leg that needed surgery.She also suffered cuts and bruises to her other leg. Jenny was taken to hospital where the emergency medical team,being very understaffed failed to notice a blocked artery.This resulted in later medical comlications,as a result Jenny had to have her leg amputated. Q.Jennys injuries have clearly caused loss to her.Explain how the law would decide whether the loss was too remote for jenny to be awarded damages.
Question: Housing Law
The European Convention on Human Rights (‘the Convention’) was drafted to protect European Citizens from totalitarianism. The Convention was intended to protect against the dangers of fascism and communism. For this reason the Convention affords political rights. Housing lawyers and Judges in housing cases are concerned with economic and social rights. For this reason the Convention is of no importance in housing disputes. Discuss by reference to relevant case law Whether the above statement is correct and Whether the Human Rights Act 1998 makes any difference to how important the Convention is to housing lawyers.
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