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can you help me with the questions for end of unit assessment unit p2 on the nvq level 3 early years care and education
I'm doing a unit on child observation, can you give me a detailed explanation as to what "setting the scene" means in reference to child observations?
I have to annotate a poem about The chimney sweeper poem by willliam blake, has anyone any notes that would help me understand the poem please

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what is a simile metahpho and a onomaterpea
I have been asked to produce a word processed personal statement for my record of acheivement. What is a personal statement and what do i have to include in it and how do i set it out on the computer? Also what do you have to put in your record of achievement?
Question: Waterfalls
where can i find a site that gives me information about waterfalls and not tourist attractions
Hi, I have 2 do an essay on Robert Swindells book 'Stone Cold' and I need help! I've done the introduction and started to talk about how he uses 'emotinal language'. I'm stuck and don't really know what 2 do and it has 2 be in by monday!! HELP!!!! Thanks for anyone who writes a comment! Bex xxx
Question: Transpiration
An experiment was set up to investigate transpiration. The same amount of soil was put into two identical pots and a plant was put into each. One plant had all its leaves removed . Both were given the same amount of water at the begining of the experiment. The pots were covered in clear plastic bags. The pots were left outside and the masses measured at the end of each day for a week. a) Why were the pots covered in plastic bags? b) What was being lost to make the plants lose mass?
what type of information is needed from the parents when accepting a child in to the nursery setting
hi i would like to start off that i am not very good at english so please help at my school we have this test of english maths and science so i am good at them but not at english so could you please help me with my revision
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