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Could you please help me on the following:- The storage medium, the security, the durability and the storage capacity of smart cards and swipe cards, and how they compare?
This is for the AVCE ICT course, Unit two, I just need some help and some pointers on advanages on the advantages and disadvantages to those who send it and recieve it. many thanks. help would really be appreciated
Hi, how do i convert numbers to grade letters from a list of test scores, i no u have to use vlookup, but im not sure how. Also do u kno any tutorials type practive goes you can do on the net ?. Thnx, Dave :)

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I am studying AQA GSCE ICT Spec B and have to submit reports on two coursework tasks: 1. Communicating and handling information 2. Controlling, measuring and modelling. I have chosen to investigate and improve ICT in a doctor's surgery for the 1st piece - and conduct an Internet-based investigation to examine and compare different weather forecasts on the web and their accuracy for the 2nd piece. Would these tasks satisfy the requirements of the spec? Also, I would be very grateful for any help on the ways to approach the tasks in order to comply with the assessment criteria. Thank you Mohini
Question: ICT Project
Can any one help me out on how to do this project. (Design of an ICT system) and please tell me what implemetation means. Thanks
Hey, for my AS ICT project i have decided to make a spreadsheet that tells you if the students reach there target grades after doing their exams. My teacher sed that there is set formulas that are used in finding target grades and the grade they get from marking. I was asked to do research to find out the formulas used in NFERS, SATS and GCSE's. All my searches come to a dead end, i emailed Edexcel to see if they would tell me but they sed they werent allowed. Could you please tell me what the formulas are ? Cheers this would be a great help, thanks Dave :)
Hello people i have a Systems Analysis exam on Monday and i am stuck, i have forgotten the various different types of Data Capture methods if sum1 cud plz help id be very greatfull thank you Mitesh
How lons should the design section be? Thanx
I have a real user, but i don't know how to start and what should i do. I have 2 wekks left so please if u have more details about sppreadsheet design especially how to do it the formulae,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, plese help as soon as possible.
what is the box that connects the workstations to a main computer called? s---- what is the name for pieces of equipment we plug into a workstation to do different tasks? p-------- the brain of the computer is called? c------ p--------- u--- what 3 devices do we plug into a workstation? input, output, s------
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