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I need help to write up an experiment including Aim, Introduction, Hypothesis, method, results, analysis + further explanation for an experiment on OSMOSIS using a visking tubing and putting in the solutions - 5ml of 1% strach and 5ml of 1% amylase also what is the rest of the procedure of the experiment??
Recently, I have done a redox titration between sodium triosulphate and iodine. However, I was asked why the thiosulphate solution and the star solution had to be prepared fresh. Moreover, how can I find the weight of iodine in an iodized tablet with the help of the titration result I would be grateful if you could help me. Thank You~~
I promise that this is my last biology question until the end of the holidays! I know I have asked 3 questions in 2 days, but I really want to get my homework done so I can enjoy myself. Anyway, we have been given a past planning exercise to complete for the course. Here it is: OCR Biology planning exercise 2003 You sre required to plan an investigation to find out the relationship between the transpiration rate of a shoot and the degree of opening of the stomata of its leaves. You will need to devise methods to determine: * The degree of stomatal opening * The transpiration rate I have access to my school's equipment, plant matter etc. I was going to use a potometer, and put the shoots at 5 different temperatures (with room temp as the control). I was then going to calibrate a microscope and measure how open all of the stomata are. Is this ok, or am I totally barking up the wrong tree? Again, thanks so much for all your help!

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i have to write an essay on photosynthesis, could you tell me what sort of things i would include.
I have a graph that shows colour intensity of beetroot pigment against temperature (between 30 degrees and 100 degrees. As the temperature rises the colour intensity of the pigment increases (because the heat is breaking down the membrane and so pigment can escape) This happens until 90 degrees but then at 100 degrees there is a sharp decreases in the colour intensity - so something must have happened to the pigment - but what? ie what is the effect of boiling water on the pigment contained in beetroots?!
I was set the following question: Describe the applications and limitations of the tri-cellular model (20 marks) Could you tell me how to go about the question? My teacher also said that moonsons are an example of a limitation but i'm not really sure what she means?!
How does temperature affect the rate of photosynthesis? I did an experiment by counting the bubbles produced but the result was inaccurate and now i need to make a report about the affect of temperature on photosynthesis with an accurate result and i don't really have time to make another experiment.
what is a simile metahpho and a onomaterpea
Does science always oppose religion ?
Hi i am currently studying this novel and i am struggling with this essay question: How appropiate do you find this extract as opening to the novel? You should consider subject matter and style thanks in advance for any help
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