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Why did England go to war in 1585?
Hinderburg activated Article 48 after the Reichstag fire and declared a State of Emergency in Germany. I'd like to know how Hitler used Article 48 to his advantage? Did Hindenburg die and then Hitler was able to appoint himself as President because of one of the rules on Article 48? Thankyou xx
Dear Tutor, I have a history exam on the 22nd of April for which I'll need to revise. It is on Medicine Through Time and its a GCSE exam. I'm in year ten and I am having some difficulty revising Pare, Vesalius and William Harvey. I would be most grateful if you could help me on this section. Thanks for your support, yours sincerely, Lizzie

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Question: suffragettes
How would i go about answering an exam title such as 'At best irrelevant and at worst a hindrance to the causes that were really important to fellow women':how just do you consider this verdict on the activities of the suffragettes? i would like to know what facts i would need to answer this question and what paragraphs i could use.
Hi! For my homework i have to write a day in the life of a slave in ancient pompye. this is before the volcano erupted. i don't want you to spell the essay out for me or anything! but can you help me by telling me some information and where i can get some pictures. thanks!
Question: Vietnam War
Why did the US become involved in south vietnam?
Question: Vietnam War
Why were the US forces unable to defeat the Vietcong?
Question: WW1
I'm doing an essay on the new weapons and technology in WW1 and i don't know where to find any information. We need at least 5 sheets and have to include information about The Machine Guns, Poison Gases, Tanks, Dreadnoughts, Submarines and Aircraft-Balloons and Aeroplanes(Fighters and Bombers). Please help me. Also i'm not sure how to structure this essay and what to write for the introduction and conclusion, in that we need to state wether we thought the technology did or did not help the fighting in the war. But we haven't even finished studying WW1 and we haven't got to the end. Please help though asap, thanks.
Hi i am currently starting my history coursework called "Britain In The Age Of Total War" we have to answer the following questions. Why were the majour cities of england bombed by the germans?, what were the effects of the blitz on everyday life?, and in what ways did the british government attempt to hide the effects of the blitz from the british public? Please could you give me about 4 really good websites from which i might find information which will help me answer these question thanks.
hi, currently i am re-editing the coursework that i submitted and i'm still worried that it doesn't focus enough on the key political ideas themselves- do you think that this is the case? If so, how can i remedy the situation (quickly!). Thanks in advance. Claire xx
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