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After a geography field trip to Swanage, where we looked at the effects tourism has on the town. I would like to know if you can give any advice on where to find any websites which contain infomation on tourism in Swanage or pictures of tourism in Swanage? I also require a map of the town centre, to be then drawn out, to show a skill of map drawing. I was wondering if there are any such maps of the town. I have been on, however the site did not magnify into the town enough to provide a town map.
I was set the following question: Describe the applications and limitations of the tri-cellular model (20 marks) Could you tell me how to go about the question? My teacher also said that moonsons are an example of a limitation but i'm not really sure what she means?!
Question: transpiration
Hi, I'm studing the hydrological cycle in geography, and I dont understand the term transpiration and how it occurs in the leaves of trees. Thank you.

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Question: Waterfalls
where can i find a site that gives me information about waterfalls and not tourist attractions
I am currently doing a piece of coursework in Geography on Swanage (in South Dorset). Below is my hypothesis: "Swanage is a major tourist attraction on the south coast, dominated by tourist facilities and is a nationwide honey pot location" Firstly I was wondering, what does the term "honey pot" mean? And secondly, I was wondering If I could have some really useful links that are to do with the tourism in Swanage. I've looked at the Swanage website, but can't seem to find that much on tourism itself. I was wondering if any school help/revision type of websites would have information Tourism in Swanage? It would be really useful to have some links. Thanks
I have to do a piece of coursework about whether or not nepal is facing a disaster, i.e. the forests of nepal. In this, i have to include the causes of deforeststation, the effects of deforeststation, and the solutions such as reafforeststation. I then have to conclude whether or not nepal actually is facing a disaster. I understand what i have to do, I just cant find the info i need to do it. Could you maybe give me some suggestions or helpful websites? Thankyou
how many animals are killed every year by deforeststation?
Explain how world trade can have a negative impact on the people and the environment of an LEDC. Could I have some pointers/what do I look at etc? Thanks.
Hi. I'm doing my Year 10 GCSEs, and I have a midterm assessment exam coming up where I'm going to be tested on the first part of the syllabus, including: "describe and suggest reasons for the rapid increase in the world's population in recent times, or the 'population explosion'." So far, I haven't been able to find any direct information on the reasons for the global population explosion - all the info I've found (both on the web and in books) has been very sketchy, and the exam is in two day's time. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
i want to upload some work about global warming, which i will include the dis/advantages of it. please can you tell me if the following is correct, or how i can put it in better terms: fossil fuels are burnt to generate electricity, which let out fumes. these fumes are very harmful because it will melt down the polar ice-caps. it is predicted that the habitats of polar bears will melt down in around 60 years, which will mean that they will become extinct. thankyou. bushrah.
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