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Hi, Is it true that you cannot apply to both Cambridge and LSE for ecomonics (in the same way as you have to choose either cambridge or oxford, but not both)? Are you at a disadvantage from applying to both or is this just a myth?
Could someone please help me with these Economics questions i am having real difficulties with these a) Discuss two factors which might explain differences between the German labour force participation rate and those of the other countries shown. b) Using marginal productivity theory, examine the view that wages are determined not by productivity alone but by the interaction of demand and supply for workers of various skills
Why, when the price level is fixed, will a change in government expenditures or the rate of income tax have a multiplier effect on real GDP. Explain why the multiplier effect of a change in government expenditures is greater than an equivalent change in taxation.

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Distinguish between a cyclical budget deficit and a structural budget deficit. Why and what type of action would be taken to eliminate a structural budget deficit?
Evaluate the view that the separation of ownership from control in large firms inevitably causes diseconomies of scale.
what the berries to entry tne monopoly? except about patents and right.
hello. I've been given this homework, which is a data response questions on page 64-65 of my textbook - Economics Third Edition by Alain Anderton. However i do not understand the charts and can not analyse it. Please help as the homework is due on Wednesday. I've already asked some questions relating to the homework which has been returned by marker...thanks but i do not understand the charts in the textbook and can't analyse the trend or what it shows. Please your ever grateful e-student Chi
1a Outline the ways in which the price mechanism allocates resources in a free market economy b Analyse the main disadvantages of the price mechanism as a means of allocating resources
Describe the circular flow of income and expenditure with government and an open economy. Explain what determines the equilibrium level of output, and how equilibrium would be restored if there was a rise in investment.
1 role of maths in economicss statistics. 2. explain the role of statistics in planing investigation and in making decision. 3. Enumerate and discuss the various approach to the study of economics
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