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I need to evaluate the reliability of the PEST and SWOT analysis, but i have looked on the internet and i cannot find anything to help me. Do you have any ideas? I also need the advantages and disadvantages of the Boston Matrix, the Ansoff matrix, and the product life cycle but these are also hard to find on the internet and was wondering if you could help me find these?
Hi, I have done by personal statement for Business Management however i need to add a few finishing touches! I want to write about any articles of interest i have read or any case studies of Business. Do have any suggestions on what i can write about? I also want to write about an area in Business that i'm particularly interested in, can you give me examples of this? please can i have these questions answered as soon as possible. Thanx 4 any help!!
Question: Motivation
Can u plz give me any links where i can dind additional information on Maslow's, McGregor's,Taylor's and Hezberg's Motivational theories. Thanx for all ur help u guys r gr8!!

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Question: Action Plan
Could you please tell me what an action plan cinsists of. Its for my business studies courswrok and i have to write up an action plan for a marketing campaign of an opening sore. PLease HELP Thankyou
I do not know how to answer these 2 questions I have been given from AS level to emphasise at A2 level: "Most organisations would be more successful if they were smaller. Discuss. (11) Also " Should a firm aim to grow internally or externally?"thanks....
Question: Coureswork
I am currently doing my Business Studies Coursework for the WJEC examining board and i just wanted to know what kind of things do i have to include in my coursework to obtain full marks for BS5. Thanks for all the help!
Question: Marketing
Hey!!I would like to know if there is a new brand of chocalate introduced in the market what methods of market research can be used??Is it focus group or consumer panel?Is there any other methods that can be used?
Question: Sainsbury's
Where can I find an organisation chart for Sainsbury's? I have been all over their web site and can only find the operating board of directors. I imagine I need a hierarchical chart.
What is internal and external customer? explain clearly and give some examples?
Please help me out... Level of staff involvment? (The Body Shop)
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