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HI, i havwe just completed my foundation pogamme and i am goign to study in the University of Nottigham and going to take the International business management progamme in undergraduate but before that i have to fill up a form to apply it. I am having difficulkties to write the part of the personal statement , can you pls help me or give me some advice or outlines for my personal statement . THANKS!
Hi! I'm a sixth former just going into yr13 and i'd really appreciate some help with my Personal Statement. I'm hoping to apply to Oxford and some other fairly prestigious unis such as Warwick, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Queen Mary to read English Lit and French. Mainly I'd like advice as to how to 'sell yourself' w/o seeming arrogant. For instance, I achieved a Top Candidate Award in English Literature GCSE by the AQA (one of the top five best marks!) and also just got 300/300 UMS points in my French AS-level. Should I tell them about this and if so, where? I'd be really grateful for some constructive criticism, my statement is (roughly) as follows: I have chosen to apply for a Joint Honours Degree in English and French because of my deep enthusiasm for, and extensive interest in both these disciplines. Up to the age of 16 I was home-educated and I feel that this has dramatically impacted both my approach and my attitude to education. Through largely teaching myself my GCSEs, I developed the ability to organize and discipline myself. More importantly, the freedom from the constraints of curriculum allowed me to tailor my studies around my own interests and so be motivated by a genuine desire to learn rather than by the need to pass examinations. I opted to take AS levels in Music, History, Law and Critical Thinking as I felt these disciplines would develop and enhance the analytical and linguistic skills required for a language degree. Additionally I have found that these subjects complement and inform my study of English Literature and French. Studying the 16th Century has deepened my understanding of the contexts within which writers such as Webster and Shakespeare functioned. Analyzing the works of classical and contemporary music has heightened my awareness of the importance of structure, motif and theme development in shaping the meaning of both French and English literary texts. I find the similarity between musical ‘architecture’, and the construction of literature fascinating – both require areas of novelty, challenge, uncertainty, familiarity, tension and release to be truly effective. My enthusiasm for English Literature stems from a long-held love of reading, and from an appreciation of the way in which the written word can encapsulate the real world on many levels – both mundane and profound. I am particularly interested in the writers of the Romantic period especially the female writers, Mary Shelley, Emily Bronte, and Jane Austen. To further explore this topic I have recently been reading Romanticism and Gender. I also find Shakespeare inspirational for the sheer prolific volume and originality of his work. Harold Bloom’s passionately favourable critique ‘The Invention of the Human’ is a book which has heightened my desire to learn more about the influence of his genius. A desire to understand the mechanics of language and to acquire the ability to communicate fluently in another language is what has fuelled my interest in French. While my ambition is still primarily to perfect my command of the French language I am excited by the avenue it provides into a foreign land of literature. In particular I would relish the opportunity to study English and French literature comparatively, and explore the ways in which English and French writers have learned from and reacted against each other’s work. Currently I am enjoying reading Camus’ L’Etranger’ and ‘La Peste’ but I also have an interest in the oeuvres of Moliere, Maupassant and Hugo. Beyond academia I pursue my interest in music by playing the piano (to GradeVIII ASBRM standard) flute and being a member of the college choir. I am an active member of Young Life (a Christian inter-church youth organization) as well as a Southport Young Life Committee member. For two successive summers I have undertaken voluntary work with United Beach Missions. Although I have by no means fully decided on my preferred career at this stage, I am keen to pursue an occupation directly related to the use of English and/or French language. A week’s work experience shadowing a journalist has revealed to me the importance of having a faultlessly accurate command of language to pursue a writing-related career. It is this kind of masterful understanding of language that I hope to acquire though my undergraduate study.
Hi, I wish to study economics with a view to taking up a financial/banking career. I have started my personal statement by writing down points about myself under the following heading: 1. Why i like Economics and what i like about it (eg relevancy to everyday life, how it can help to explain unknown situations, ) 2. What i have done to pursue my interest in economics (eg summer job in stockbrockers) 3. How my Alevels relate to it or have given me skills to apply to it (F. Maths, Maths, Econ, Chem) 4. xtra curricular stuff i do to show i am well rounded, eg DofE, running sports clubs at school, playing team sports… 5. any reading i have done around the subject (eg freakonomics) Firstly, i have got all A s in my modules so far (with 100% in mod 1 economics)- is it advisable to mention this and if so, how? I thought that from this year, the unis will be able to see these module grades and marks. Is this true and if so, should I still mention this? Also, I if I wish to submit my personal statement for review, will it necessarily have to be posted on the website, I would prefer it was not as I have some unique ideas I would not like people to copy. Please can you give me a lost of essential points under which i MUST have written something. I am applying to the top unis for economics in the country, most of whom dont interview so this is really my only chance to stand out. Thanks in advance for your help

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I need to evaluate the reliability of the PEST and SWOT analysis, but i have looked on the internet and i cannot find anything to help me. Do you have any ideas? I also need the advantages and disadvantages of the Boston Matrix, the Ansoff matrix, and the product life cycle but these are also hard to find on the internet and was wondering if you could help me find these?
Hi, It has come to that time, for me to write my UCAS personal statement, i am currently still torn between doing history or law at degree level, and was wondering if you could help me or give me any tips in order to be able to include both this subjects appropriatley in my statement.So i can apply to do either course. Thank you very much, Emma
i'm having real issues with my section ten and i'm sposed to send my ucas form off really soon. I know i'm supposed to mention loads of books but should i be evaluating them or reviewing them or what? should i mention books i'm reading/plan to read? thanku!
hi i've been given my personal statement to do.i want to apply for psychology but have no idea what so ever where to start and what to put in.i only knew that i wanted o do a degree in this when i was doing my as level in psychology which interested me.plz help
How could I make a good statement if I were to study a competitive course like Medicine? Any advice on what and what not I should include? Thank you. x
Question: Wider Reading
Hi I've applied to do A level Politics at colege and I wanted to make a wider reading listlike I've one for Theatre Studies but unfortunately whenever I type it into Googlenothing comes up so I wondered if there were any books you could suggest. Thanks. Lizzie.
I am a guy, and would to get some help for writing my SOP . I plan to study mech engg
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