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prediction and results help

Asked by ella102 | Mar 23, 2007 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
ella102 asks:

My is to investigate the effects of enzyme concentration, pectinase on the yield of fruit juice from pears. But I a, stuck on my prediction if anyone can help, I predict that the higher the concentration of pectinase the their yield of pear juice will be produced, however I have to back my self up with scientific knowledge.

Also I got my results from the experiment however I am finding it difficult to write or analyse anything from my results; I worked out an average for each concentration so I could plot it on a graph.
1% - 23.1
3%- 23.2
4% 30.6
5% 23.9
However as you can see my results don’t back up my prediction and they seem a bit dodgy. Help would be appreciated. Any suggestions of what I can write about them ?

etutor answers:
Your prediction is basically correct, although there will be a levelling off of yield if you keep increasing the concentration of pectinase. Your results do look strange. i presume that you did each concentration several times and it would be interesting to see how variable your results were. Your results would indicate that concentration of pectinase has little effect on yield! It is possible that 1% (or possibly 2%) is concentrated enough to break down ALL the pectin, in which case increasing the concentration further would have little effect. In that case you could suggest in your evaluation that it might be better to use lower concentrations of pectinase for the experiment.

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