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biology A2 AQA corsework

Asked by pauline | Jul 7, 2008 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
pauline asks:

I ma really worried that I am writing too much the teacher said between 15 sides at most but i've done 20. Will i get marked down. i have time to rewrite it how can I cut it down? thanks

etutor answers:

The usual fault is that the 'scientific knoweldge section is far too long, and sometimes the method. As far as scientific knowledge is concerned , ask yourself if what your writing is DIRECTLY relevant to the design of your experiment. Poeple tend to include background knowledge about the topic which is not necessary to know for the experiment concerned. The method should be simple instructions - a list. There is no need to justify the choice of apparatus, except (occasionally) to indicate why you chose a measuring instrument of a certain precision. Finally, make sure that your evaluation relates to your experimental results. Students often go into detail about possible errors or inaccuracies when there results are fine! You only need to deal with these if your results appear to be inaccurate.

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