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biology question urgent!!

Asked by syrup123 | Mar 4, 2008 | A Level > Biology > Coursework
syrup123 asks:

hi i am now doing A2 biology coursework- how varying the mouthwash concentrations affect the effectiveness in eliminating bacteria by comparing the plates. In the analysis i need to include the synoptic stuff.

1). i am wondering whether i needa talk about the respiration of bacteria - (glycolysis, link reaction, krebs cycle and electron transport chain.) krebs cycle and electron transport chain both take place in mitochondria but bacteria are eukaryotic cells so they dont have membrane-bounded organelle does it mean they respire without krebs cycle and electron transport chain or do they respire other process?

2)does mouthwash kill the bacteria same as antibiotics do?
thanks a lot xxx

etutor answers:
The scientific knowledge needed is only that needed to explain your hypothesis and/or aspects of your experimental design. I can't see how the mechanism of respiration in bacteria is necessary at all! Bacteria do carry out the normal mechanism of aerobic respiration, but the Krebs cycle enzymes are located on the inside of their membrane, not in mitochondria.
Mouthwash contains chemicals that kill bacteria so they do work in a similar way to antibiotics but the chemicals are very different because they don't have to work internally.

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