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Egg Albumen Experiment (with copper (II) sulphate)

Asked by nology | Apr 30, 2003 | A Level > Biology > Coursework
nology asks:

For my coursework we have to determine the lowest concentration of copper (II) sulphate that will denature the egg albumen.
My question is, how long should i leave the copper (II) sulphate and egg albumen mixture, before i use the colorimeter to test for % light absorbance?
Also, what would be an ideal amount of copper (II) sulphate and egg albumen mixture to make?

etutor answers:
I'm afraid the answer is that I don't know, on both counts! The trouble is that, for a start, I've never done this experiment, but even if I had it would not help that much - it depends on a varuety of things. The concentration of the albumen will effect how quickly denaturation occurs, as will the proportions of copper sulphate and albumen in the mixture, which you ask about. This is where preliminary experiments come in! You will really have to try out a variety of amounts of copper sulphate and albumen, and watch to see how long denaturation takes, and then design your experiment accordingly.

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