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Concorde motion

Asked by Definite_maybe | Oct 2, 2008 | GCSE Level > Physics > Homework
Definite_maybe asks:

The diagram above shows a Concorde preparing for take-off. Its engines are turning, but the brakes are not on, and it is not moving yet. In what direction are the following forces: Weight, Force by engines, and total weight.

Describe the sum of the three forces.


etutor answers:

This is a slightly unusual question and of course I can't see the diagram. The weight would be acting downwards over the whole length of the aircraft. The total weight is usually shown as acting down at the centre of gravity (around the centre of the plane). The force by the engines will be acting backwards from the plane. If the plane is not moving, the forces are all in balance. There are other forces not mentioned - the friction of the plane on the ground, which balances the thrust, and upthrust from the ground, which balances the weight.

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