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As English Literature

Asked by xwoodx | Sep 24, 2008 | AS Level > English > Coursework
xwoodx asks:

Whats the best way to anaylise a poem?

etutor answers:

? Read it first and to get a feel for what it’s about.

? Now read for detail. Make a note on what the poet is saying in each stanza.

? Now look at the poem word by word. See if you can identify key words, words that seem to be expressing the main meaning.

? Ask yourself, ‘why has the poet used this word?’ What is he/she trying to say? Do this with figurative language – especially similes and metaphors.

? Does the poet use any particular sounds for emphasis – e.g. alliteration/ assonance?

? Now look at the stanza structure. Is there a rhyming scheme.

? What about the meter of each line – is it or regular or is there a clear rhythm?

? These are the key features you need to look at.

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Thankyou very much. Great help. Much appreciated.

responded Sep 30, 2008 3:59:23 PM BST
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