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biology coursework evaluation

Asked by inthu5 | Mar 24, 2008 | AS Level > Biology > Advice
inthu5 asks:

hi there, just wondering if you could help with some of my queries regarding the analysis and evaluation part of my coursework. In which area would i need to explain how my anomalous results came about, like explaining why they could have happened, would it be in the analysis or evaluation, and for the limitations in evaluation how can i find out the exact values for error in scientific equipment, and what sort of things do i need to mention under limitations? thank you for you help

etutor answers:
If you have any anomalous results, these should be dealt with in the analysis. For evaluation, you need to think of any sources of either inaccuracy or lack of reliability. Don't worry about EXACT values for errors, just whether those errors are likely to be significant in limiting accuracy. Limitation may relate to equipment, but in biology there are often factors that cannot be fully controlled and this imposes limitations.

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