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Asked by EDWINO | Oct 29, 2007 | A Level > Biology > Coursework
EDWINO asks:

Hi, I chose to investigate age and its effects on the characteristics of milk for my coursework, however because of time constraints, i only had 1 week to do the experiment + i did not recieve all of the equipment that i asked for! that meant that i didnt actually get any results!! so i was wandering if there were any results on the topic that i could use. I investigated the ph of different milk samples:3 test tubes with 10cm cubed of milk in for each sanmple, i had a 1 week sample, 4 days ssample, 2 days sample and fresh sample. I used whole milk from tjhe supermarket and left the testubes open. I also tested the amount of bacteria in the milk by using reazurin. So YEh, im really desperate for some results, otherwise i'm going to do really badly.


etutor answers:

It's not easy to help with this. Certainly the pH would decrease as the milk ages, but it's difficult to say exactly how. The same goes for the resazurin. Of course, doing what your suggesting actually makes the coursework invalid if the exam board suspects that you've simply made up results. You have plenty of time before final coursework deadlines - why not just do the experiment again?

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Yeh, thats what i will have to do, i don't have much time though but i need some results so it must be done


responded Oct 31, 2007 11:37:39 AM GMT
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