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Biology AS

Asked by Chungzy | Jan 18, 2008 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
Chungzy asks:

I need to find a method that will help me in finding the effects of catalyse concentration with hydrogen peroxide. My teacher suggested a water bath with a measuring cylinder upside down and a delivery tube attached to the test tube where the catalyse (from potatoes) would react with hydrogen peroxide and timing it in intervals… But hasn’t suggested a good method but did give us a clue on using a burette.
Can you suggest a method please?

etutor answers:
This is quite difficult to describe without a diagram. You would need the potato and the peroxide in a test tube which has a delivery tube attached, so that the gas evolved can be directed into a water-filled, inverted burette (better than a measuring cylinder). The more potato you use, the more catalase (not catalyse) you will have, but you should bear in mind that having twice as much potato does not guarantee having exactly twice as much catalase (there is some experimental error here). You can measure catalase activity by how much carbon dioxide is produced in a given time.

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