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Investigation of yeast cells Saccharomyces cerviseae

Asked by Chungzy | Apr 14, 2007 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
Chungzy asks:

I have to investigate the effect of temperature on the survival of yeast cells..
I've done my aim but i'm really strugling with the hypothesis i know that a higher temp. would denature cells but i dont know what to wtite for the lower temp and the effect it would have on the yiest cells? And dont know how to back it up using
relevant sources

etutor answers:
You can't denature yeast cells - just the enzymes inside them. Baiscally, this IS an experiment about enzymes - if the yeast enzymes can't work, the yeast dies. Low temperature would not denature the yeast's enzymes, but would cause them to work very slowly.

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