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Cloning: An Option for Endangered Species Conservation

Asked by teenielux | Apr 17, 2007 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
teenielux asks:

I'm just starting my AQA biology coursework investigation. I've decided to concentrate on the subject of cloning as an option for the conservation of endangered species. I have to present a for and against arguement that discusses the spiritual, moral, ethical, social and cultural issues relating to this form of genetic engineering. What is the best way for me to layout this assignment? It needs to be around 1000 words long. Can you recommend any good websites for information?

Thank You

etutor answers:
One of the best websites is a Time-life magazine one -,

From it you can access (by clicking on the magazine covers) three useful articles on cloning.

In terms of layout, you should start by explaining what cloning is and how it is done. I would then suggest you do arguments fir; arguments against and con clusions. In terms of spiritual, moral, ethical, social and cultural issues, I don't think you need separate headings for these, as there is a large area of overlap between them anyway.

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