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An Inspector Calls

Asked by Mike Redding | Mar 15, 2007 | GCSE Level > English > Coursework
Mike Redding
Mike Redding asks:

Hey, i'm really stuck as to how to complete this piece of coursework. the question we were set is: How does Priestley create drama and tension in Act one of An Inspector Calls?

i do not have many notes and to be honest i am very confused. as i am in year 11 i have to complete this coursework and 2 others by the end of this month, please help

etutor answers:

An easier way of looking at this is to explore the way in which conflict is presented in the play.

You should find the following sites helpful:

1 student responses

lord cooper
lord cooper

Focus on the inspector and the way others react to him.

responded Mar 23, 2007 11:54:42 AM GMT
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