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International Relations! HELP

Asked by Heatty | Sep 15, 2007 | GCSE Level > Politics > Homework
Heatty asks:

Its actually PSHE GCSE Year 11 work.
What benefits do we get from international relations? Give 5 benefits.
Help would be much appreciated. its due in for the 20th September. Thank you. x

etutor answers:

Your question is not entirely clear. I assume you are not asking for benefits of the STUDY of international relations as an academic subject but rather the benefits to a country such as the UK of engaging in harmonious and diplomatic relations with other countries. Assuming this is what you meant, I would suggest:

1. An increase in trade between nations, especially where barriers to trade have been lowered as a result of negotiation or international agreement. This opens up markets for our exports, and offers domestic consumers a wider choice of products, often at a lower price than would otherwise be the case.

2. Diplomacy, if successful, avoids conflicts (in particular, wars) between nations. Successful diplomacy involves bargaining and compromise, together with a recognition that other nations' interests must be acknowledged and thus form part of the equation.

3. International relations often enable nations to pursue common policies, which are often more effective than if the same policy area is confined to the efforts of a single nation, or its government. This can be seen, for example, in the European Union, where the common policies in areas such as trade, energy and anti-crime initiatives have been of benefit to all concerned. Extradition treaties would also fall into this category.

4. International relations help to develop cultural awareness and cultural ties. In principle, people then become more tolerant of the customs of other nations. This is reinforced through travel and tourism.

5. International efforts are more likely to address pressing world problems, especially where international organisations such as the UN, IMF and World Bank have been established for this specific purpose - such as relief of world poverty, action on the environment, solutions to LDC debt crises, the fight against disease, etc.

I hope this is helpful.

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