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Revision Overload

Asked by little-lettuce | Apr 25, 2007 | AS Level > Biology > Revision
little-lettuce asks:

i need to revise for 4 AS Level subjects (psychology, biology, chemistry, physics) and im retaking biology and physics foundations. However, im not sure how much time i should be revising each day and what i shuld revise each day. i did make a revision timetable where i do 6and a half hours of EXTRA revision on TOP of normal lessons, and i feel like im goin to die, its horrible. how many extra hours of revision shuld be dun really? i feel so stretched, its disgustin. Oh yeah, psychology is the closest exam (22 MAY) and then the 3 science are in the first week of June. thanks a ton, i really need help.

etutor answers:
The most important thing is to make sure you UNDERSTAND the work properly. That will allow you to answer a lot of questions, and will reduce the amount of learning you have to do. There is no way you can take in stuff for 6 and a half hours after lessons! You need to revise in sessions of about 30 mins and then take a (short) break. Try to vary the method of revision, too (e.g. do some reading, use internet sites, perhaps do some mind maps etc.). This will help you prevent  'saturation', but if you have lessons in school I doubt that you will be able to do much more than about 3 hrs per night.

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