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GNP & Poverty ( plz this is urgent. thnx in advance.

Asked by Youv | Aug 12, 2008 | A Level > Economics > Coursework
Youv asks:

Development goals must be defined in terms of progressive reduction and eventual elimination of malnutrition, diesease, illeteracy, squalor unemployment and inequalities.
We were taught to take care of our GNP as this will take care of poverty, Let us reverse this and take care of poverty as this will take care of the GNP

etutor answers:

I have just returned from holiday to see this. As your question was sent over a week ago and labelled urgent, it might now be too late for you. If you still require a full answer, please resubmit your question and I will then answer at much greater length.

Essentially the question is largely about internal versus external growth mechanisms. Different ways of increasing GDP have very different implications for income distribution in less developed countries; hence there is no guarantee, for example, that a growth strategy based upon attracting inward direct investment or on diversification will meet poverty and development goals; indeed, the outcome might even be an increase in both inequality and poverty. Hence the argument that long-term growth might be dependent upon investment in education and health, which then raises the question of how this is to be funded.

So let me know if you still need a full answer.

1 student responses

yh i need it coz im gettin confused with this question. Thnx
responded Aug 26, 2008 9:09:20 PM BST
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