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denaturation of protein by ethanol

Asked by duck24 | Feb 13, 2008 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
duck24 asks:

My coursework is about the denaturising of protein by ethanol. I understand that ethanol denatures the protein by breaking the hydrogen bonds holding the tertiary strucutre together, and therefore changing the shape of the protein..
but i think i am getting a bit confused about the denaturing of proteins and of enzymes - are they the same thing? in which case an increase in the concentration of ethanol would cause the protein to denature at a much higher rate?

etutor answers:
All enzymes ARE proteins so it is the same thing. Increasing the concentration of ethanol would increase the denaturation,, but it depends at what concentration of ethanol you started with. It may already have been enough to denature all the proteins, in which case increasing the concentration won't have any effect.

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