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Asked by kelly... | Mar 15, 2007 | GCSE Level > Physics > Coursework
kelly... asks:

I am doing coursework on how the length of wire (nichrome) affects the resistance!! I know that the longer the length the larger the resistance but i dont have any scientific knoledge about why! I know its to do with electrons and i know how thickness is affected but i dont have much information for me to add to my analysis!!! i am so grateful if i could get help please!! thank you!! kelly

etutor answers:
Current is the flow of electrons. Atoms in the wire 'get in the way of the electrons and slow them down. The longer the wire is, the more the electrons will slow down. The slowing down is resistence, so there is more resistance in a longer wire, because there are more atoms that the current has to pass through.

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Think of the wire as a corridor or hall way and theres a flow of people trying to go one way and another flow going the other way.
the longer the wire is the harder it is and longer it takes for the electrons to get through it.

responded Nov 28, 2011 6:18:40 PM GMT
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