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seperating chemicals

Asked by emmamc | Jan 4, 2008 | KS3 Level > Chemistry > Coursework
emmamc asks:

hi, for my assignment i was asked to write up a practical of how to separate a mixture containing iron powder, silica, benzoic acid and sodium benzoate. i think i know what to do but could you please tell me if this is right:

firstly add cold water to the mixture to dissolve the sodium benzoate then filter the remainder. then heat with a bunsen burner to melt the benzoic acid, then filter. then use an electrode magnet to seperate the iron powder and silica?
i would then need to heat the sodium benzoate back up to restore to a solid and allow the benzoic acid to cool to allow crystals to reform?

is this correct? thanks in advance

etutor answers:
This sounds fine. The only minor point is that it would not NEED to be an electromagnet to separate the iron and silica - a normal one would do.

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