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Bio Coursework Yeast Cells

Asked by s_m90 | Apr 27, 2007 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
s_m90 asks:

hi, i want to know what ppl got for their results when they conducted the preliminary work for the yeast and temperature coursework for biology. this is because i finally now understand how to conduct the experiment and what i had done wrong but i have already conducted the preliminary experiment and so am unable to redo it.
my results so far are that they were alive at 70 degrees and dead at 90.
i did the 90 exp properly but for 70 i did not put the indicator in after, i had put it in before!
anyone help plz! asap

etutor answers:
As an e-tutor I cannot provide results. I am surprised that the yeast survived any length of time at 70 degrees.

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