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Effect of lead nitrate on amylase

Asked by anil6 | Jan 22, 2008 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
anil6 asks:

I'm having a lot of difficulty devising an experiment for this coursework, where the quesion is to do with washing clothes with lead nitrate on them with amylase. As the PbNO3 acts as an inhibitor it would obviously use up the active sites. I originally wanted to test it with starch and find a colour change with different concentrations of lead nitrate, but i was told by my teacher that this wouldnt be a wise test. (noting the colour change using iodine and a colorimeter). The teacher also told me i would need to do it in a way i where i would be able to plot a graph. What can i do?? i cant even find any good background info on PbNO3 realting to my coursework!

etutor answers:
It would help if I knew what the original question was. Also, did your teacher say WHY iodine was not a good idea? How had you suggested using the starch test?

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Should workers in a Lead Mine, who may get varying concentrations of lead on their clothes, be given special instructions about how to wash their clothes when using washing powders that contain bacterial amylase?

That was the original question.

She said that jsut assessing the change in colour may be too simple for an A-Level coursework.

I was originally going to add starch , lead nitrate and amylase to a test tube, and put it into a 35 0C water bath. I was going to repeat this 5 times with varying concentration of lead nitrate to see its different effects.

After leaving it in the water bath for 5 minutes, I would place a small sample of the solution into a cuvette, and then add iodine to it. I would then place the solution into a colorimeter to see its density.

I am really not sure how else to conduct this experiment in a more complex way?

responded Jan 26, 2008 12:32:01 PM GMT
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