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improving in english

Asked by wsx | Oct 3, 2002 | University Level > English > Advice
wsx asks:

I now now study for the foundation in university in malaysia .
my english i s not good especially in comunication . I still can remember that when during the enlish class , we are supposed to argue something regarding the about the women but when the dicussion begin , the other student manage to speak very well and fluently and give a lot of opinions . I just sit there and listen for them .I really dun no how to against their aggument . Since a lot of my class mates are from other countries , some of them are from Sri Lanka , India , UK , China and i am malaysian . They speak well ,they can easily speak up what they want to say and theit opinions as well , but for me i think i am quite difficult to argue , because when i have an idea , i need sometime to think how to argue with them , unlike other students they can express their view easily maybe they are good in english .This is the problem i face .Can u just tell me what can i do in order to improve my communication especially during the dicussion .I have make a lot of effrort on english like read newspaper , listen to news, and lot before a few months i came to study in this universities .But finally , i still cannot speak well in english , so what can i do , i really dissapointed .can u just telll me how can i improve it in qucik way , so that i am able to participate in english discussion .THANKS!

etutor answers:
The problem you are facing is that the English of your fellow students appears to be more advanced. The only way you can improve on the situation is to practice your spoken English outside of class. This means that when you are with friends you must practice your English all the time. Reading the newspaper and listening to the news are good activities but they are passive and non-interactive. The only way your fluency will develop is by practising speaking. You need to find opportunities outside of class where you can speak with others in English. Do you speak in English to your friends. for example. Can you join clubs where English is spoken? Maximise your opportunities for speaking English as much as possible.

After a while, your fluency will develop and you will be able to contribute to class discussion.

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