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effect of copper sulphate on catalase

Asked by mohd | Oct 9, 2007 | A Level > Biology > Coursework
mohd asks:

hi i finished the biological knowledge part in my coursework. now is the planning part my coursework topic is effect of copper sulphate on catalase. i need to how to justify and and say why we are using the diifferent lab apparatus in my case gas syringe,beakers,pippette,cork borer,and the different materials like potatoes.also i want to know the factors to be controlled in this experiment and the precautions for this experiment.and how to control these factors.the teacher asked to write the planning part in future tense.please help me i need this ASAP.

etutor answers:

You don't have to justify everything. Certainly not the use of beakers! Gas syringes and pipettes are useful because they are more accurate than normal syringes or measuring cylinders. Potato is a source of catalase and cork borers are used to get identical pieces. There are various ways this experiment can be done and I can't really say much about controls without knowing your experimental design. Certainly temperature and copper sulphate and hydrogen peroxide concentrations would need to be controlled.

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