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Asked by tahsinac | Jul 14, 2008 | GCSE Level > English > Coursework
tahsinac asks:

Hi, i need to write a script for the first scene of my sitcom and i don't know where to start! i don't know how to be funny on paper! please help :)


etutor answers:
Try to think of situatons you are familiar with - school, socialising, the family. The last can be a good place to start. Try to bring in some underlying conflict between two characters, mother and  duaghter, for example. Let's say the mther has a very tradtioal view of marriage; the daughter a different one. Exaggerate the characters a little (make them more extreme than perhaps they are in normal life) and start to put words in their mouths and see what comes out.  There isn't any easy way to make people laugh but think of everyday people and situations and try to bring humour out of different perspectives. If you look at My Family on TV you will se how it an be done.

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