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Trasnational crime!?

Asked by jotresser | Jan 17, 2008 | University Level > Sociology > Advice
jotresser asks:

What is transnational crime and how is it different to global or international crime?
Many thanks x

etutor answers:

Transnational crime is not significantly different from global/international crime, though dome academics and law enforcement agencies see it as a special case that tends to emphasise modern technology and the effects of crime originating in one country on another.

Transnational crime is a term used by some law enforcement agencies. The word "transnational" describes crimes that are not only international, that is, crimes that cross borders between countries, but crimes that by their nature have border crossings as an essential part of the criminal activity. Transnational crimes also include crimes that take place in one country, but where their consequences significantly affect another country.

The most obvious examples of transnational crimes in which organised groups are involved are:
International Terrorism
Illegal Firearms Trade (and trading in nuclear material)
Drug Trafficking
Trafficking in Human Beings (Sex Slavery)
Migration-Related Crimes
High-Tech and Computer-Related Crimes
Sexual Exploitation of Children on the Internet
Money Laundering, and Related Terrorist Financing
Fraud and Other Economic Crimes
Environmental Crimes

Transnational crime is a defining issue of the 21st century for policymakers - as defining as the Cold War was for the 20th century and colonialism was for the 19th. Terrorists and transnational crime groups are proliferating because these crime groups are major beneficiaries of globalisation. They take advantage of increased travel, trade, rapid money movements, telecommunications and computer links, and are well positioned for exponential growth. Due to the international dimension of organised crime, which allows these networks to operate across sovereign borders, no one country defending alone against them can be assured international and homeland security or safety from terrorist organisations with criminal links. The study of transnational crime identifies and explores these activities and the political, social and economic transformations that have facilitated them. Understanding the range of instruments and policy responses available to governments and law enforcement agencies, acting individually and collectively, is essential towards efforts to effectively contain transnational criminal activity, contain and fight corruption, and disrupt or dismantle transnational criminal organisations.

I hope this is helpful.

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