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Yeast Enzymes!

Asked by FloOakley | Apr 26, 2007 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
FloOakley asks:

Hi, I have a short project to prepare a plan for an experiment into what is the lowest temperature that kills yeast cells. I am trying to put in scientific background but am finding the internet to be unreliable. What is the optimum temperature for yeast enzymes? And at about what temperature would they all be killed? Would it be lower than 78degrees as this is the boiling point of ethanol? Thank you!

etutor answers:
Don't forget that this is an EXPERIMENT. When yoiu do an experiment, you are not expected to KNOW the optimum temperature for yeast enzymes and the temperature that the yeast will be killed, you are doing the experiment to find out! By way of general guidance, the optimum temperature for many enzymes is between 30 -40 degrees Celsius, and yeast is unlikely to survive long at 70 degrees

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