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Beetroot Introduction ?

Asked by Conroy134 | Apr 7, 2008 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
Conroy134 asks:

Ok well i have all the key points i need to put in to my beetroot coursework but i just dont no how to put it all together.
the name of the assignment is " An investigation into the effect of temerature on the permeability of the plasma membrane in beetroot cells."

and i have my main points i need to put in:
- the sturcture of the plasma membrane
- the processes involved in molecular movement across a cell membrane
- the effect of heat on molocular movement
- how you can measure the movement of the molecules

If anyone could maybe help me with some pointers or a basic introduction of the assignment, it would be a great help.

etutor answers:
You measure the leakage of purple pigment particles into the surrounding solution by meauring the colour of the solution using a colorimeter

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