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A Level, English Lit Lang Text Transformation

Asked by xxtamxx | Jun 12, 2008 | A Level > English > Coursework
xxtamxx asks:

We've just been introduced to this unit, text transformation. We have been told that we can transform a poem, novel, play or comic strip, as well as anything else if it is allowed.

The new text should 'shed light' on the original, but should also show new material.

I am totally stuck about what to do! I want something a bit challenging but also something I am interested in!

I have a list of books that I have read and really enjoyed, but have no ideas about a transformation.
- Atonement- Ian McEwan
- The Horse Whisperer- Nicholas Evans
- To Die For -Carol Lee, (Memoir about daughter suffering from Anorexia)
- Nineteen Minutes- Jodi Picoult
- My Sisters Keeper- Jodi Picoult
- Soul Surfer- Bethany Hamilton (Biography about surfing accident in which she lost her arm to a shark)
- Goddess- Anthony Summers (The secret lives of Marilyn Monroe)
- A Piece Of Cake- Cupcake Brown (memoir about a girl who was in the childcare system, got invovled with gangs, prostitution, drugs etc)
- When The Wind Blows- James Patterson
- The Lake House- James Patterson
- A Child Called It- Dave Pelzer
- Before I Die- Jenny Downham (novel about a girl dying, decides to write a list of things to do before she dies)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
x x

etutor answers:

Sorry can't help with this one

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