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The Great Gatsby coursework

Asked by little_buddy30 | Sep 30, 2007 | A Level > English > Coursework
little_buddy30 asks:

I got this essay title for my english literature coursework. I have no idea what to write about and how to start the essay. If you could please tell me how to structure the essay and explain what the question's askin, i would be very grateful.

Thank You


Discuss the view that 'The Great Gatsby' offers a bleak affirmation of the difficulties of attaining a mature moral vision amidst the hedonism and limitless wealth of modern the US?

etutor answers:

Basically this is asking you to explore the fact that the novel is pessimistic  (bleak affirmation) in its central message ...that goodness (moral vision) in the novel is overpowered by the pursuit of pleasure (hedonism) and materialism.

You need to explore each of the main chracters and determine how much they have an innate sense of goodness and to what extent it is overpowered by their desire for wealth and pleasure.

You need to look at Daisy and Gatsby in particular.

The following sites will be helpful:

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