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A2 coursework Topic

Asked by Amelia-Rose | Jun 14, 2008 | A Level > Sociology > Coursework
Amelia-Rose asks:

I'm really stuck on topic to study for my A2 coursework. My teacher has allocated the majority of the class with topics but she believes that i am academically able enough to choose my own. Which topics usually generate the best marks?

etutor answers:

Before I can be of any help here, I need to know which examination board you are entered for. I assume this is A2 work.

I am not aware of any particular topic areas that generate the highest marks, though work on the family and on crime are the most popular options. The secret is to research into an area that really interests you. If you can identify your favourite area(s) then I might be able to suggest possible titles. I also need to know whether your research would be primary, secondary, or a combinatiuon of the two.

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