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immobilisation of lactase coursework

Asked by pink_mayfly | Jan 12, 2008 | AS Level > Biology > Coursework
pink_mayfly asks:

Hi, for my coursework i have to make a list of apparatus and a method, my title is the effect of pH on immobilisation of lactase, but my teacher has been away so we have had a cover teacher who doesn't even teach biology, so i have no idea how to carry out the practical, please could you help me on what i have to do to carry out this experiment.
thank you.

etutor answers:
I'm not sure I can help here. The problem is that experiments on immobilised enzymes are very often done with special 'kits' which contain the instructions and equipment for setting up.  Can you not seek advise from any other biology teacher in your school, who may be familiar with materials available? Even talking to the lab technician may be a help, as he/she may have helped with the experiment before.

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