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How to wite the Content?

Asked by control_freak | Mar 9, 2008 | GCSE Level > Sociology > Coursework
control_freak asks:

I'm doing my sociology coursework, and my hypothesis is: women are expected to carry out the domestic and childcare tasks, whilst the males are responsible for the DIY due to gender sociolisation. I'm using a self-completion questionnaire I have given out 20 questionnaires, 10 males and 10 females. I have got the questionnaires back and now I need to analyse them In the content. Any help in doing so? (If I could have an example on how to format it, and how to show my data.)

etutor answers:

In order to help, I need rather more information. You give me the hypothesis, but unfortunately none of the questions you asked. Are they, for example, open-ended? I need to see the questionnaire and the summary of responses for each question before I can advise about suitableformat for presenting the results.

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