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copper sulphate

Asked by mohd | Sep 28, 2007 | A Level > Biology > Coursework
mohd asks:

ok i need to know the damage or effects done to the plant cells and animal cells when copper sulphate is added and the activity of catalase.thanks i need this ASAP.

etutor answers:
Copper sulphate is an irreversible and non-competitive inhibitor of many enzymes. Copper can combine permanently with sulphydryl (-SH) groups in proteins, so any enzyme which has these groups will be affected. Because it is irreversible and non-competitive, even relatively small amounts of copper sulphate can do a lot of harm.
I presume that you are asking about the effect of copper sulphate on catalase, not about what catalase does - your question is not really clear on this. As you increase the copper sulphate concentration, the activity of the catalase will decrease, and eventually stop altogether.

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