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Preparing Solutions of Known Concentration

Asked by -sofine | May 13, 2008 | KS3 Level > Chemistry > Homework
-sofine asks:

okay i got 4 questions
1. what is the advantages of a standard solution?
2. Describe the two ways of preparing an aqueous solution?
3. why is it important that you use a clean, dry beaker whe you transfer any solution of known concentration?
4.what is the disadvantages of using a volumetric flask to make up a solution?

thanks alot.

etutor answers:

A standard solution is just one of known concentration. As concentration affects chemical reactions it is always best to know the concentration of the chemicals you are using. Question 2 is a bit wierd - I'm not sure what is wanted. You can make an aqueous solution by adding water to a solute or a solute to water! If you transferred a known solution into a wet beaker it would dilute the solution a little bit (not usually enough to matter much). If the beaker was not clean, contaminants could be introduced.

The main disadvantage of using a volumetric flask is that a set volume has to be made up (the size of the flask determines what this volume is).

1 student responses

rabab fatima
rabab fatima

i want to answer ur 4th ques,that labourity equipments r of 2 types one for storing purpose nd other for delievring vol.flask is for storing purpose nd it is wrong to use it for delievring purpose,

responded Mar 2, 2009 3:15:00 PM GMT
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