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Theoretical frameworks

Asked by kate9889 | May 15, 2008 | A Level > English > Advice
kate9889 asks:

Hi im doing eng Lang+lit A-level Specification A, and am doing this as a distance learning course, and am concerend about unit 6, in the 2nd question we are asked what approaches we used and frameworks, and I dont have any notes on this, after reading another students answer it had all this stuff about Marxist approach and whatnot? could you explain this appoaches stuff to me or have any good links? thanks

etutor answers:


What approaches have you used in analysing and comparing these texts and how have these approaches helped you to appreciate the texts?

The exam board says…

The first question will deal with the comparative analysis of
at least 3 linked texts where candidates will need to make important
decisions on the ways in which they analyse these texts, reflecting on
the success of their analysis in the second question.

Because this section requires candidates to adopt and utilise their own
framework for analysis, the following outline is only advisory and
candidates should note that the frameworks required will vary from
question to question and from year to year.

Question 1:
• brief identification of text type/variety, purpose, audience, mode
and period;
• identification of language determinants;
• analysis and comparison;
• identification, exemplification, explanation and comparison of
central features using contextual, structural and stylistic
• consideration and comparison of meaning and effect;
• consideration of differences created by mode;
• consideration of the way attitudes and values are created.

• evaluation of use of mode to create meaning and effect and to
convey values;
• evaluation of success of texts.

Question 2:
• focus on the way in which frameworks have been used to
deconstruct, analyse and compare texts;
• consideration of other approaches and selection of a particular
approach for literary and linguistic study.

• careful and succinct evaluation of approach adopted and used,
with careful reference to texts and interpretation.

I don’t see anything abut Markist approaches etc.

The frameworks are listed under Q1.

In Q2 you need to state which you have used.

Hope this helps a little.

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