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Gas diffusion through membrane

Asked by copperkat | May 20, 2008 | AS Level > Biology > Revision
copperkat asks:

Module 1 revision - I have been given a table showing results of "Investigation into the rate of diffusion of carbon dioxide through holes of different diameter in an artificial membrane".
Without giving you all the exact figures, the table basically shows the "Volume of CO2 diffusing per hr (cm3)" increasing with the diameter of the hole (fairly obv!) but the "Volume of CO2 diffusing per cm2 of hole per hr (cm3)" decreasing as the diameter of the hole increases. The question just says "Give two conclusions that may be drawn from this data".
I figure it's something maybe to do with gas diffusion through stomata in leaves but basically I'm struggling, mainly with the bit about the area of the hole - any pointers gratefully received! Thanks (from a floundering self-studier!!) :)

etutor answers:
I'm not sure of the reasons for this, but I don't think that's what you're being asked for. It is difficult without seeing the actual question.Normally, a scientific conclusion from data is simply a description of the relationship (i.e. 1. As the diameter of the hole increases, the amount of CO2 diffusing through goes up and 2. As the diameter of the hole increases, the amount of CO2 per cm3 of hole goes down). Admittedly, a scientist would then try to explain why this happens, but conclusions just state the relationships. The explanation is more of a follow-on hypothesis, and i suspect you're not actually being asked for that explanation.

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